“It’s a Good Day for a Good Day.”

Here are three thoughts that came to mind when we saw this big bold “double good” message on this Hampton Inn van.

  1. 1) Talmud Taanit says “Meritorious Days are arranged for auspicious days.” A good day is an omen or opportunity for more good to happen on it.

2) People often joke that the saying “Good Yom Tov” is repetitive, because Yom-Tov (the hebrew word for holiday) itself means “Good Day”, so Good Yom-Tov translates to “Good, Good-Day”. Nevertheless people are OK with it as a manner of speech, and perhaps it reflects this van’s “It’s a Good Day for a Good Day…”

3) And one more way of seeing this is: The first good is what we’re given, that’s the starting point, and the second good in the sentence is what we do with the first good, what we make of it. That’s what makes it truly good!

Have a good day!