We’re doing 5 Facebook Live segments on Sunday thru Thursday leading up to Shavuot 5780/2020, the festival of the Giving of the Torah. 

(1) Intro to Shavuot: its timing, the leadup to the holiday, names of the holiday, basic observances etc. 

(2) Shavuot as a Memorial Day: Yarzteits of King David and the Baal Shem Tov – and local Memorial Day Remembrance on Fuller Rd

(3) The Dairy Custom: reasons, messages, examples and inspiration

(4) Torah Anew! Receiving and recommitting to our Torah heritage and inheritance usually at this synagogue, this year (for most of us) at home

(5) 3 simple yet profound in-depth Rebbe insights into Midrashim (No Echo, Sleeping & Anochi in Egyptian) about the Giving of the Torah

and five more Shavuot-themed posts during the week after Shavuot:

(1) Why is there a post-Shavuot more than any other Jewish holiday? and our Sunday family trip

(2) Bikurim, Farmer’s First Fruits and our Modeh Ani Prayer today (also the finding of my lost hard-drive)

(3) Sensitivity & Welcome to the Stranger in the Book of Ruth 

(4) The Two Breads: Is bread (spiritually) good or bad? Passover vs. Shavuot, Absolutes and Growth Process