Sometimes we ask deeper questions, sometimes lighter ones. This conversation “going-around” question was about Israeli foods and snacks or eateries. Can’t remember what everyone shared or exactly who said what, but here’s what we did remember. If we missed yours let us know, we’ll add it on! 

The candy! Something about the candy in Israel, sweeter, softer, so much of it. The candy sticks out the most. – Jason F.

Schitzel fresh and hot right out of the fryer – nothing like that! – Ben M. 

Burger Market had really good burgers, the one I liked the most had avocado and egg on the burger. And there was another place nearby that sold brisket sandwiches and other street food that was really good. – Orly M.

Never been to Israel yet but one of my favorite Israeli snacks has to be Krembo, the tall fragile mountain of marshmallow covered in thin chocolate sitting a top a cookie.. – E.M. 

That snack that is shaped like cheese doodles but tastes like peanut butter…. yeh, Bamba! I like Bamba. – Evelyne N. 

I haven’t been to Israel yet but I really like Falafel. – Ryan B. 

For me it’s “110 Burger” they have this incredibly awesome crispy chicken sandwich. It is just fantastic. – Sam G.

Good pizza for really good price, a medium-sized pie for 25 shekel at Pizza La Duda. – David I.

I like the fact that after every long & exhausting nature hike in Israel there’s always a refreshing ice-cream stand. – Chani R.

The egg on the pizza. Just an raw egg plopped right on top and cooks right on there. It changes up the whole pizza. – Isaac S.

I liked the breakfasts in Israel. The abundance of veggies and salads, the creaminess and spread-worthiness of the Gevinah-Levana (somewhere between sour cream and cream-cheese and Greek Yogurt). For me it was the best meal of the day in Israel. – Mendel R. 

I’m a fan of Coca-Cola, and their bottling plant is right there quite prominent in Bnei-Brak, Israel’s most religious city! – Aaron K.

I like Humus and the Humus in Israel is just so much better. I don’t know what it is, but it is better. – Estee S. 

I ate at an Israeli Kosher place in Tampa, Florida. T’was good food. I like the dips, especially Babaganoush – the white eggplant dip. – Kiki M. 

Some of my fondest memories in Israel were in Kfar Chabad at the home of my uncle and aunt Moshe and Rochel Lipsch (both of whom have since passed away). Moshe made the most amazing “chips” thinly sliced hot fried potatoes, they were amazing, years later I still remember them. – Raizy R. 

Funny, cuz it’s an American food, but I really liked the waffles in Israel. – Kayla S. 

We went to this place called Halva Kingdom or something like that, and they had some really good Halva, all kinds of flavors and varieties and really fresh. – Shira S. 

My family really really likes the Rugelach from a bakery called Marzipan. They are just the most amazing rugleach. When we visited we shipped boxes home they were so good. My uncle lives in Israel and when he ends up near Marzipan he ships us a box here to the US! – Madison W. 

I went to a Jachnun Bar, what I liked was basically a Shwarma without the meat, just a wrapped up Jachnun filled with all kinds of deliciousness. – Naomi B.