The question “going around the table” was: Share something about an area of improvement, growth, or change as we enter the Jewish new year 5780….

I’d like to try to more out in nature: hikes, walks, even spending more time in the backyard. – M.B. 

Surrounding yourself with supporting people who understand what you are dealing with is very helpful. – R.W. 

I’m a quieter person, so I’d like to work on speaking up more and trying to talk more with people. – A.K. 

A former neo-Nazi came to my high-school and his topic was that no matter where you come from, people can always change. – J.F.

Two speeding tickets reminds me that its a good time to slow down – not only in the car. – A.B.

I missed a rent payment, have to catch up on assignments. Timeliness is something I have to work on. – D.

Punctuality is something I need to get better at. Not leaving for last minute. – Z.M.

I want to be a better team-player for my team. – S.

I’d like to make more effort in reaching out to friends that are drifting away and falling through the cracks. – R.K.

Haven’t always been close with some of my family, but now with a new niece, I’d like to be closer with them. – G.C.

I want to try to be less judgmental and harsh on myself, because that way I think I’ll be easier and more understanding of other people. – O.M. 

Better communication! – C.C.

Hoping for more positivity and positive outlook this coming year! – M.M.

Hope to have a more positive, confident outlook going into new things. – R.S.

I want to graduate on time! – D.G.

I want to be there more for friends. – I.Z.

Small goals get pushed to the bottom of the list. This past summer I wanted to learn how to juggle, I dabbled with it, but never got good at it. I’d like to focus more on the smaller goals that don’t usually get top priority. – S.M.

I’m learning sign-language and Spanish and I’d like to get better at that. – M. 

Being better about completing work on time. In HS my time was more structured and now with more free time it’s more of a challenge to fill it with more meaningful things and productive ways. – E.S. 

My health-psychology class has us tracking certain behaviors before we find out what and how we need to modify. In any area of growth or change, tracking helps us realize what might need changing and how we ought to go about that. – T.A.

Making small holidays matter. Right now we’re in the High Holidays, like Yom-Kippur, but I want to work on things like Lulav on Sukkot, too. – Z.K.

I try to focus more on relationships than deadlines. I used to stress about the deadlines but I found that if I establish better connections with my professors, the specific deadlines matter less and I don’t stress about them as much. – A.M.

Nowadays with Auto-Pay and indirect billing we’re not always on top of things as much. – D.J.

Focusing on small things that get pushed aside, not forgetting the little stuff. – S.J. 

I hope to be less anxious going into new things. – N.

I grew up in a modern-Orthodox home and have since drifted from it, but recognize the importance of Jewish community and hope to be more involved and making it more of my life. – D.K.

Giving back. I did get a desk job and happy to have work but really love volunteering and giving back. – J.R.

I think routine is critical. If I get into a better groove and build things into the schedule and routine, then it all runs more smoothly, time management and all. – J.A.

Listening is a big goal. Listening leads to more understanding, understanding leads to patience and slower to anger. So listening is the big goal for me. – S.A. 

The Dvar Torah before Torah reading today about wings, how love and fear, closeness and distance are an important balance in many areas of life and relationships. – J.A.

Back to the Black and White of last night’s Shabbos themes: The white space around the black letters can be likened to pauses and breaks. Sometimes when people rush to do or say a lot things can get lost, but when you pause and break, when you have that white space, things come together much better. – M.S.

I’d like to be more organized on a more consistent basis. I am good at being organized but not that consistent with it. – C.R.

I hope to more be open-minded and accepting of people. – S.R. 

Better job with getting homework on time and not leaving it for the last minute! – B.R.

This year I’d like to eat better and also spend more time davening. – R.R.

Two things: Have to keep walking everyday this year. Also want to make sure we keep consistent about reaching out and touching base with alumni: calls, messages, texts… – M.R. 








Getting two speeding tickets