Here’s a thread below explaining the ideas behind this banner our school kids painted some years ago for #19Kislev, aka #YudTesKislev, the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus.

These ideas are based on a talk of the #FriedikerRebbe R’ Yosef Yitzchak on Sukkot 5705 (1944) and further explained and elaborated on by the #Rebbe (R’ Menachem Mendel) also on a Sukkot, in 1960. It’s printed in Lekutei Sichot Vol 20 for #YudTesKislev #19Kislev.

First of all, here’s something the two parables share: Both coal miners and pearl divers go deep, they don’t suffice with surface. You can’t find pearls or coal unless you are willing to dig or dive in, penetrate the depths, seek the inner dimension. That’s Chassidus.

Another thing the 2 parables share is the need to maintain the connection. They both go places where breathing is a challenge, and you need to keep an open line to fresh air & oxygen. Yes, we must push deeper & farther, plumb the depths but we must remain connected at all times!

But here is where the two parables differ: Coal is used (esp back in the day) for warmth & light, it deals with the challenges of cold & darkness. Coal represents the ways Chassidic teachings help us deal with the challenges and problems, we might freeze without it.

But pearls aren’t there to solve problems. Pearls are used to beautify, to enhance, to enrich. Indeed, Chassidus can do the same for our Judaism and our lives. Both parables are relevant, Chassidus is both coals and pearls, it protects & enhances, it is both necessity & luxury.