Some years we tell this great story near the end of YomKippur, as the day nears its close and climax with the Neilah prayer. This year we told the story on the Shabbat in middle of Sukkot, as the holiday of Simchat Torah nears.

While we told it in our own way (and perhaps we’ll write it up and post it another time)…

here’s the link to the story titled “The Yom Kippur Drunk” as it appears on 

No, this story is NOT an endorsement of binge drinking. But it does tell us something about the value of selfless sacrifices we make for others. And it demonstrates that – in a sense – Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year – is the penultimate, as we continue to strive and climb and reach even higher on Simchat Torah, the climax and peak of the Tishrei holiday season.