Nowadays on Social-Media its a big deal to be an influencer… 

The Rebbe encouraged it! 

In many talks, whether at a farbrengen, or talks for women, at a gathering for High School graduates or camp children, no matter the age, the Rebbe encouraged each person to be an influence on their environment, to make a difference in their corner of the world, starting with friends and family, every person can have an impact. 

As Jews follow both the solar and lunar cycles for our calendar (Christians are solely solar and Muslims solely lunar) this teaches us says the Rebbe that each of us ought to be both giver (like the sun, which generates its own light) and a recipient (like the moon). We all have ways that we can give and receive. 

Many people may think, I’m no expert, I’m just a novice. But that doesn’t hold people back on social-media and Rebbe says it shouldn’t hold us back either. The Rebbe would say, “If you know Alef, teach Alef – even if you don’t know Bais yet!” 

And often the Rebbe spoke about the long-term, far-reach impact and ripple effect of a good deed or effort, far beyond anything we’d ever imagine. Like the butterfly effect, the Rebbe spoke of how a Mitzvah done on one side of the world can have an impact on the other side of the world. 

This isn’t about monetizing your influence (which can be of value, of course), but about Mitzvah-izing it – using your influence for good!