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For several years we do a “Yom Kippur Appeal” at the close of our Yom Kippur services on campus. One year we did the “Take5” challenge, last year we did the “Hakhel” initiative. This year, in commemoration with the upcoming 50th anniversary of Israel’s Six-Day War, and in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Rebbe’s start of the Mitzvah Campaign (beginning with Tefillin for the Six Day War).. we’re doing “A Call to Arms!” 


Yom Kippur UAlbany 5777 / 2016 — coming later this year will be June 2017 = 50 Years since 1967 Six Day War


Rebbe’s Mitzvah Campaign began at Six Day War 1967

Some interesting links:

Overview of Rebbe’s Ten Point Mitzvah Campaign

Timeline on of Rebbe’s Tefillin Campaign since 1967


Jeffrey Goldberg @AIPAC16

“I’m going to sound like a Chabadnik, but I’d rather have people light Shabbos candles weekly than buy trees in Israel, because stronger Jewish identity leads to stronger (and deeper) connection with Israel.” (not exact quote but message from Jeremy Goldberg, veteran journalist and now editor-in-chief of “The Atlantic” at the AIPAC Policy Conference 2016 in Washington DC)


3 ARMaments:

TEFILLIN wrapped on arms

SHABBAT CANDLES arms wave usher in the light

MEZUZAH arms reach up

and a 4th ARMament only on Sukkot: using arms to shake the LULAV in all directions!


The ARMS appeal goals:

The goal is for each of us to increase in our observance of one or more of these Jewish ARMaments and connectivity.

If you’ve never done it before, let’s at least do it once.

For those who do it occasionally, let’s try to do it more regularly with stronger commitment.

For those who already do it all the time, let’s learn more about it, deepen our awareness, broaden its horizons and make it even more meaningful. And help a friend do the same!


Stay tuned for updates and additional inspiration and resources on this page!