This is a thread/series of tweets in honor of Shavuot, learning education lessons from the Mount Sinai experience, seeing G-d as a teacher: 

In honor of #Shavuot going to try to bring back an old hashtag (back in ’14?) #GDasTeacher (G-d as teacher at #Sinai).

Like a good teacher, G-d insisted on preparation, gradual buildup to the climax on #Shavuot. #GDasTeacher helped us get ready!

#Sinai on #Shavuot was a multisensory, multidimensional, audio-visual experience.  #GDasTeacher wants to reach in many different ways.

The Medrash says the revelation at #Sinai proved to be too much for us to handle, so #GDasTeacher worked with Moshe & adjusted accordingly.

#GDasTeacher “came down to #MtSinai” bcuz as with a good teacher, lesson was meant to reach us at our level, age-appropriate & within reach.

But Moshe (Moses) also climbed the mountain, put in 40 days & nights, because even w/ #GDasTeacher students’ initiative & effort matters.

At one point at #Sinai G-d told Moses to hold onto His “Throne of Glory” bcuz #GDasTeacher students need support & security, confidence. This throne-holding (think hand-holding) is a Midrashic account of Moshe responding to angelic claims to Torah, against it being given to earthly humans.

#GDasTeacher isn’t a perfect hashtag but its a way to link all these thoughts about “G-d as a Teacher” thru lens of giving Torah at Sinai.

Quiet advantage of 2nd Tablets teaches: sometimes private is better, less is more & longer lasting than loud dynamo theatrics. #GDasTeacher

#GDasTeacher is blends of closeness & distance, love & respect, on our level & beyond – as Chassidus sees in divine names “Hashem Elokecha”‏

#Rebbe sees “No Echo at #SInai” speaking to mission of #Torah to be absorbed & internalized, not bounced off/back. Another #GDasTeacher goal for students to absorb, take it in; and don’t speak AT the students but WITH them.

Boundaries & limits at #MtSinai are another aspect of #GDasTeacher: kids need limits, learn parameters, know appropriateness & proper place.

Of course, the dual interdependent Written & Oral Torahs is great example of #GDasTeacher, we still learn that way today: text & teaching!‏

Like many organized teachers, #GdasTeacher at #Sinai categorized Luchot Tablets into #Mitzvot between us & G-d in one column, & Mitzvot between people in the second column. But there’s always exceptions: #HonoringParents is in Column #1!

Lest you think this thread of #GDasTeacher is a parable gone too far: Medrash compares Jewish people at #Sinai to schoolchildren in G-d’s classroom. Rashi says G-d gave Moshe breaks or recess between subjects, just as a teacher would.

Rashi (based on Talmud) also describes a pathway made for Moshe within all the cloud & smoke that surrounded #MtSinai at Giving of the Torah. Moshe had to find his own way up, but teachers create pathways. #GDasTeacher #Shavuot

One reason Medrash says #Torah was given in Desert/Wilderness is to demonstrate its wide open accessibility, no first dibs, no prerequisites, expectations or requirements. #GDasTeacher wants all students to have equal access regardless of background or knowledge or skill.

Another thought on that pathway thru the clouds & smoke at #Sinai: #GDasTeacher helps us with clarity, focus – helps us cut thru the smoke.

Like any teaching, #Torah has gentler & firmer aspects. Wisdom is whom to tell what, when & how. #GDasTeacher made it a priority b4 #Sinai.

The Hebrew word for #Shavuot holiday has roots in (1) Weeks – time, (2) Oaths – commitment, & (3) Fullness – ample plenty. #GDasTeacher gives/endows us with all 3 to truly receive the #Torah.

All teachers know how crucial good attendance is to student success. Isn’t there a quote “80% of life is just showing up”? This #Shavuot (Sunday 6/9/2019) show up in person at your synagogue or nearby Chabad to hear #10Commandments read with #GDasTeacher!

Perhaps to be continued… there’s are so many analogies and lessons!