This weekend, thanks to a confluence of calendar factors we take 3 Torahs out of the Ark and read from all three. (1) the regular weekly Torah portion, this week “Tazria” (2) it happens to be Rosh Chodesh, the first of the Hebrew month of Nissan (3) this week is “HaChodesh” the 4th of 4 seasonal bonus Torah readings leading up to Passover. Some say that when you take 3 Torahs out of the Ark it is an especially opportune time for personal prayer. 

We recently had an experience with a newer car that may (or may not) be an apt metaphor for this, but either way, it has a nice message:

In a gasoline and planet-saving measure, some newer vehicles have an “eco” driving feature that cancels out several cylinders in the engine once the car gets to good cruising speed. If you accelerate it may take a little extra revving as it has to re-engage those disengaged cylinders. Like it or not, this is how it is. 

Perhaps you could say, that each additional Torah, is another set of cylinders, more spiritual being pumped in giving extra boost for our spiritual acceleration!