There’s a classic rule in Kosher law called 1/60 nullification. The 60X rule.

Don’t try this at home, be sure to consult with rabbinic guidance before employing, as there are a lot of factors and criteria to consider. But the basic rule is that if some forbidden substance (a bit of milk or non-Kosher) falls into a big pot of chicken soup and dissipates within it, as long as there’s 60X chicken soup than the forbidden substance – its all Kosher.

Rebbe applies this concept figuratively to this calendar year, a Jewish leap year, with 2 months of Adar. The Talmud teaches, “When Adar begins we increase in joy!” Not only does Adar have Purim, but the whole month is an added time of happiness and joy. So Rebbe translates this to a life-teaching: If we have traces of sadness or darkness, may it be nullified and transformed (as a drop of milk in a pot of soup would be) to positivity and happiness! Rebbe says that the two months of Adar (30 days per month, adding up to 60 days) are a special opportunity for this.

Now to delve into this concept a little more:

The 60X nullification only works if the 1/60 amount dissipates, or  gets lost in the greater whole. If it sticks out and remains identifiable, we must find it and remove it before eating the soup. Say a chunk of cheese falls in, even if there’s more than 60X soup – we’d have to get that chunk out. So there are types and degrees of sadness or negativity that do need to be addressed. We can’t just overwhelm it and forget about it. But if its a small trace, go with the 60X nullification. Drown it out! Increase in all types of good and happy things.

And the type of soup makes a difference (we have a nudnik joke about that…) because its easier to nullify in a thicker more viscous soup than in a thin transparent soup. Translate that into joy – its easier for joy to nullify and transform sadness if its a richer, thicker type of joy, multifaceted, colorful, dynamic – not thin, light and weak.

Let’s utilize Rebbe’s encouragement in this double-Adar 60X joy power to nullify and overwhelm darkness and sadness – with much positivity and joy!