We have lots of pictures to post and good news to share, from Mushky’s wedding and from the Shabbaton, but right now all we’re thinking is Passover! If you aren’t going home for the Seders (or only going home for one) we have both long and short options, and we also have meals for Shabbat of Passover and the last two days of the holiday. See more info, details and signup here: www.shabboshouse.org/Passover2017

Graduation isn’t far away either now! Check out this page for Grad Party and Grad Weekend info and signups


Our “What’s Cooking?” newsletter update is finally out and mailed. We’ll get an online version of it up soon. Look for the “March Madness” headline and cover letter, and many many pictures inside spanning almost a year at Shabbos House. 

All the best!

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors