MORE MEMORIES! That’s the theme of our Charidy 24-Hour Challenge on Dec 6th!

The matched crowdfunding campaign last year on the Charidy platform was an amazing success, we hope we can do the same or even better this year! It’s all or nothing, 24-hours, with a goal of $72K! The website is It begins 1pm on Tues, Dec 6th.

In keeping with this theme, we’re posting photo collages from throughout the years, cherishing #moreSHmemories as this fundraising campaign will support new Shabbos House memories for current students and into the future. You can see the aggregate tagboard of these social media posts at this link: 

HAPPENINGS this first week of Dec 2016 at SH: 

Last Torah-Tues of the semester is a powerpoint presentation titled “Holy Sites” where birthright won’t take you. Learn the background, setting, history and relevance of each site. 5:45 and 7:45pm sessions only.

L’chaim’s Pickle Table on Campus, 11-2 on Thursday. Get a pickle, make a pickle and a takeaway life message, too.

This Friday Night is Hillel Dinner in the Campus Center 7pm, and Shabbos Day Minyan and Lunch at Shabbos House. It’s Sarah’s birthday and we’ll celebrate.

SPECIAL WEEKENDS in Spring 2017 semester to keep in mind:

2/3: SHABBAT 360 – major effort by Jewish campus community to gather 360-strong for a giant unified Shabbat Dinner in the Campus Center Ballroom

2/24-25: Spring Semester Parents Weekend at Shabbos House, all welcome, especially those who couldn’t make it in the Fall.

3/24-25: The Regional Chabad on Campus Shabbaton returns to Albany this year, lots to plan and organize, but we’re excited!

All the best!


Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors