Mazal Tov! Our daughter Mushky (she was 4 months old when we first arrived at Shabbos House) is engaged to Moishy Denburg of Coral Springs FL! Thanks all – so much! – for the many Mazal Tov wishes and close feelings!

Some Mushky Wedding Simchas dates FYI:
2/5: Lchaim Engagement Party at Bais Levi Yitzchak in Brooklyn
2/26: Meet-The-Chassan Open House at Shabbos House, 1-3pm at Shabbos House
4/2: The Wedding in Brooklyn 
4/4: Albany Sheva Brachos at Shabbos House
We’re looking forward to having the married couple join us for Passover! 


New Torah Tuesday class lineupCheck out this semester’s varied offerings. 

Shabbat 360 now has a venue! And we have a list of reasons why this is great space for #ualbanyShabbat360

Spring Semester Parents Weekend at Shabbos House, all welcome, especially those who couldn’t make it in the Fall. February 24-25th. 

and it’s back at UAlbany: The Regional Chabad on Campus Shabbaton returns to Albany this year, lots to plan and organize, but we’re excited! It’s going to be on March 24-25. Can you host guest students at your dorm or apartment (floor space works!) if yes, fill out this hosting form

Stay tuned for event updates and exciting activities ahead. It’s going to be a very special semester! 

All the best!

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors