#UAlbanyShabbat360 is back for 2018!

Save the date and spread the word! Friday Night, February 23rd, in the UAlbany Campus Center Ballroom.

The goal is to fill the tables with a spirited community and have the biggest Shabbat dinner of the year together. It will take individuals and campus groups to all reach out, bringing themselves and friends to make this happen. Stay tuned for updates and more, but for now – save the date!


It so happens that this will be the Shabbat before Purim (we’re looking forward to a Purim Carnival in the same Ballroom later that week) so for this year our “reasons to come” (see past year’s reasons here) to #UAlbanyShabbat360 will have a Purim-centric theme:

(1) “Go gather all the Jewish People” – Queen Esther

Queen Esther didn’t ask for much, but she did tell Mordechai to gather all the Jews in prayer and fasting so that her mission on their behalf to King Achashvairosh be blessed with success. For #UAlbanyShabbat360 we’re not asking anyone to fast – on the contrary – and the focus will be more meal than prayer. But we feel that her request “Go gather all the Jewish people” will be well-reflected in the goal and experience of our Shabbat 360 at UAlbany this 2018!