With all the cold raging outside, we thought it appropriate to share a collection of stories and inspiration about “internal” warmth.

First a few links from past “mendels messages” posts:

1) Surrounded by Barrels – this short Russian story is about alcohol but you can get the same message thinking of a coffee shop vs. a cup of coffee.

2) Fire It Up! – this post is a longer one, an explanation to the biblical flaming oven passing through in Abraham’s vision of the Covenant between the Parts.

3) Cholent Messages on raising children – one year at the Cholent Cookoff we asked students for their insights on this matter, a few are about warmth.

4) Tea and Tehillim – a short vurt from Zeide R’ Moshe Rubin, a Chassid known for his warmth.

5) Two Baal Shem Tov Teachings – of the short but rich 20 Baal Shem Tov teachings listed on the sheet at that page are especially about warmth: See #16 and #20.

Two links from Chabad.org for and against metaphorical fur coats: 

1) A Tzadik in Peltz – read this short post on this Yiddish expression and why Chabad frowns on the fur-coat method.

2) You need more layers before going out! – an 8-minute english-captioned Yiddish talk of the Rebbe learning from a story of his father-in-law in Czarist Russia. This one has a positive life-message from wearing a good warm coat.