We rarely ask for RSVPs at Shabbos House and even when we do they are not required. But for a holiday like Passover, especially with students going home for parts of it, it is helpful for us to have RSVPs so we know how to be best prepared and for which meals.

If you plan on joining us for any of the Passover holiday meals (Kosher Dining has options for the intermediate days of the holiday) please use the form below. Thanks a lot.

As with all Shabbos House events, there’s no charge, but donations are very appreciated to help defray the cost. Support of parents, alumni and friends, is what makes Shabbos House possible. See DONATE page to contribute. 

Form is below, but here’s a quick birds-eye view of what/when we’re hosting Passover meals at Shabbos House:

PASSOVER 5777 / 2017:
Mon 4/10: First Seder, 8pm-11:30pm
Mon 4/10: 1st Seder-within-a-Seder, 9:30pm-10:30pm
Tues 4/11: 1st Passover Holiday Lunch, 12:30pm
Tues 4/11: Second Seder, 8pm-11:30pm
Tues 4/11: 2nd Seder-within-a-Seder, 9:30pm-10:30pm
Wed 4/12: 2nd Day Passover Lunch, 12:30pm
Fri 4/14: Passover Shabbat Dinner, 8pm
Sat 4/15: Passover Shabbat Lunch, 12:30pm
Sun 4/16: 7th Night of Passover Dinner, 8pm
Mon 4/17: 7th Day of Passover Lunch, 12:30pm
Mon 4/17: 8th Night of Passover Dinner, 8pm
Tues 4/18: 8th Day of Passover Lunch, 12:30pm
Tues 4/18: End of Passover Farewell, 7pm
Tues 4/18: Passover Ends: 8:25pm

Sign up form below. Thanks for the helpful RSVP!