The Torah portion of Shelach tells the story of the twelve spies/scouts sent ahead to check out the land of Canaan/Israel before the Jewish people entered the land. In that spirit, we’re doing one week of Facebook Live at 6 different spots on campus, some better known, some lesser known and finding metaphor and messages at each. 

(1) The iconic Carillon in the Main Fountain at the center of the Academic Podium

(2) The “Tefillin Sculpture” outside Life Sciences

(3) The Circle & Square Sculpture in the hidden retreat on the Podium

(4) Casey Stadium and Bob Ford Field at UAlbany

(5) Outside the newer/old Chapel House/Interfaith Center (this FB Live by Bassie!)

(6) 3 UAlbany Presidents: Collins, Swygert & Hall and 3 spots near the UAlbany Main Entrance